Interpretive Center

Beczak Interpretive Center Beczak Environmental Education Center’s offices and our Interpretive Center are housed in a spacious building on the banks of the Hudson River in Yonkers. It is the perfect place for learning about the river, no matter what age you are. Our interactive exhibits and beautiful riverfront location offer something for everyone.

During your visit to the Interpretive Center, please inquire about our marsh monitoring activity. It’s an opportunity to learn about tidal marshes and help us by observing the marsh for a few minutes and recording what you see.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday, 9am – 5pm
The Interpretive Center also serves as our classroom so call before you visit to make sure no activities are in session.


Entry is free; however donations are accepted and appreciated.

Garbage Gauge:

How much garbage washes up from the Hudson River each day? Come see our Garbage Gauge Exhibit to view trash removed and collected from our shoreline at Beczak. Our “timeline” display will show the amount and types of garbage that is collected form the river.

Permanent Tidal Tank:

Study our 300-gallon tidal tank which shows a cutaway view of the river complete with marsh, tides and river inhabitants.


Come face to face with a blue crab or American eel as you peer into one of our four aquaria of Hudson River species. Also, stop by and welcome our newest resident to Beczak. An American snapping turtle!

Catch of the Day:

See what we have been catching in our nets at the Beczak Center.

Giant Sturgeon:

Have you ever seen a 200 pound sturgeon? We have a model of one on display along with models of other Hudson River animals. This “please touch” exhibit makes a perfect backdrop for your photo.

Beach in a Box:

You’ll be surprised to see what washes up on our beach in downtown Yonkers.

Racing Stripes:

This is your chance to complete our oversized puzzle of a striped bass. You’ll also discover how “stripers” navigate the murky waters of the Hudson.

Beneath the Waves:

This 215 square foot mural created by local fifth graders depicts life beneath the waves of the river. Use our answer key coloring sheets to see how many species you can name!

Spotting Scopes:

Get a closer look at the river, the marsh, the Palisades, a variety of birds and much more!

Community Corner:

Find out what’s going on in Yonkers and other Hudson River communities. You can also learn about public events at Beczak and get answers to some of your most pressing questions about the Hudson River.

Hudson River Fast Facts:

Don’t have a lot of time? You’ll soon be able to learn about the river in a short walk through our Interpretive Center by reading many fascinating “fast facts” displayed on walls throughout the building.

The Palisades Revealed:

Look out at the Palisades and learn the story behind the formation of these magnificent cliffs.